You have Hips and Curves???


It has been awhile since I posted up pictures from some of my favourite lingerie sites… Let me tell you…. SORRY! Minor technical difficulties has slowed alot of posting HOWEVER… Hips and has a Special SALE going on and you, mon amies, have got to partake in it!!!! Well, that is – if you’re cuvry enough!
(image on the Left) Basic White Satin Corset
(starting from image on the top Right) Ruffle Open Cup Bra; Halter Open Bust Bustier; Long Line Bustier; Jacquard Tapestry Corset…

Go to hipsandcurves to rack up on the SAVINGS!!!! All these items are on SALE!!!!!!

Au revoir!!!


2 thoughts on “You have Hips and Curves???

  1. i saw the pics and now these days its hard for curvy girls to find clothes that we want. the type of bustier i want is the color peach and the length to be on the hip area you think you have something like that.

    • Its unfortunate that the industry is so limited. Majority of my models are curvy, because that’s the ideal female size (at least in Georgia) very few are slim.
      I appreciate all women; especially those who know there beautiful no matter what others say or perceive. The base is the character within, thus the truth of beauty. I design undergarments for those who want to accentuate the inner sensuous creature we all have.
      I appreciate you for reading and commenting =) please checkout: and if you see anything you like send me your measurements and we’ll arrange to make it for you.
      This again!

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