The Shaving Experiment

Salut Tout le Mode!

After the post on body hair removal, I was bombarded with additional questions that dealt with certain specifics like the types of shaving tools, skin sensitivity and colour. I felt a way a little that I hadn’t provided an answer for their good questions; so I decided to experiment on myself to see what products, tools and methods would work. It has been about a year since I wrote the piece and started the experiment, I think I may have some suggestions.


Products: (these are man-made [non natural] or not [natural]

Natural vs Non Natural
(shaving products)
100% unrefined Raw Shea Butter vs Hair Conditioner

Razor – regular size vs bikini specialty size

Legs, Underarm and Pubic area

How I got started:
I compiled the information I gathered and selected the common methods used to shave. The census is to go S-L-O-W!!! This helps prevent razore bumps. If you need to trim before you shave, do so before applying the shaving salve.
*I strongly suggest you pay attention to the direction your hair is growing. This, too, can haelp prevent razor bumps.

The Process:

I started off by using Hot water – it softens the skin and opens the pores – it’s great to remove hair off the blade, unless you’re using shea butter or any oil you might want to have a tissue or somthing to wipe off the unwanted hair. I let the shaving salve marinate in the designated area(s) for a few minutes. I started with the coursest hair then the finest (underarm has the finest)
* I find shaving out of the shower is much better. *
Take your time!!! Can’t stress it enough, also pull the skin area tight for a close shave. I did my best to not go over the same shaven area more than twice <- this can irritate the skin which can create razor burn/bumps or you can cut yourself.

After the hair is gone, I wipe/clean the areas with Cold water – this closes the pores – then I put either Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil or Raw Shea Butter. These are good moisturizing products that is compatible with all skin types. Coconut oil is good also however the smell can be a bit much but like shea butter, it goes away- use moderately!

Doing this process I got the best results, it even held true when I was on vacation for 2 weeks. During that period I did a touch-up only once and I had no break outs or razor bumps!!!
Even shaving with Baby oil and Olive oil is real good; especially when shaving the legs.

Now, there is after shave up-keep! I didnt want to believe this but it helps! All you gotta do is: Exfoilate and Moisturize!!! Exfoilate and Moisturize!!! C’est Bon!!!

For the product vs product results… Stay tuned!!!

Au Revoir mon Amie!!! =D


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