I Love Undies: Do you Love your Underwear? Part une (1)

Salut Tout le Mode!!!

February, Sweet February has been devoted and dedicated to our many Loves and Passions from our past, to present and in our future. With that said, Love is the reason why I created this blog and my intimate apparel company. I love and have a wild passion for Food and Panties. While everyone is roaming the earth wondering why their significant other is calling them or what they were getting for Valentines, I was plotting, planning and organizing the next steps to TONGE Intimates image and mission. Plenty of research time has been set aside to compile data (namely trying to fix laptop) for the upcoming and long overdue topics of interest.

In midst of the research, I came across some interesting information or theory… Can a person determine whether they are truly in love with their mate if they let them buy their underwear? or Do you believe that Underwear usage, or the lack thereof, can let someone know if the relationship they are in is dwindling or still thriving? I’m 100% serious! There are experiments, theories and facts on these research findings!

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