STD Experiments!!!! — Sheer Madness!!!

Salut my friends!!!

I got some news for you!!! … First let me tell you…

The G Spot is not only an intimate apparel blog but it’s also a site where you can get informative news on the body’s overall health and beauty.

All during the month of September I have been the bat cave sewing provocative yet sophisticated lingerie pieces. We all know that lingerie is designed to enhance the body’s natural curves and demensions. In doing so, the person wearing lingerie should in turn feel liberating seductive and sexy! If you’re feeling randy baby, you would want to get it on!!!
Simple equation with sexual gratifictional results! =) { at least in theory… }

But we all must be aware of the negative adverse effects to our lustful primative instincts! Check out this article on the governments experiments on Guatemalan patients who was infected with syphilis and gonorrhea 60 years ago!!! { I mean sex is grrrrreat! But getting a viral disease is NOT! Its worse when you go to get treatment and become an experiment! }
“‘Although these events occurred more than 64 years ago, we are outraged that such reprehensible research could have occurred under the guise of public health. We deeply regret that it happened, and we apologize to all the individuals who were affected by such abhorrent research practices.'” – statement made by both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
Although this happened in another country, doesnt necessarily mean it didn’t or couldn’t happen here. Or to someone you know, maybe even close to.

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