In the midst of the Madness…

It’s June! A half year in 2010, I must say I know not what sleep is! Organizing, planning, building, creating and everything else that’s productive and constructive! Minus the battle with my domain name {long story :-s} everything is in order, I guess with that said the domain name issue must have a purpose. {ummm, we will see}

Anywho! This is just an update post! I greatly appreicate all the topic requests! So many to sort through and organize! I still have two blog segments to complete: The Importance of Quality & Purpose: Bras & Panties and The B.O Report… I haven’t forgotten about these two successful blog posts [If you haven’t read them, go the the Search box and read ’em!] I have been extremely busy. Posting the hot new arrivals from various lingerie sites was about all I could do to keep you all abreast of what’s HOT on the market. Now, doing that has cut down. I am working out all the kinks so I can get the ball rolling again, there’s plenty going on this summer!


* I have access to a lingerie comic book (Agent Provocateur) that I got to share with you! Heroines fighting for World Peace in lingerie (AP pieces) it’s ingenius!
* In Atl,Ga the second edition of the masterpiece called Electroport is making its way back to MJQ next week! I gotta give you scoop on that!
* The talented Tye Alexandra is finally giving the anxious world a taste of her creative madness that 12 models will be showing off in the end of this month!
* Results to some experiments I have took upon myself to try out en lieu of my previous posts!
* The launch of my brand {TONGE} first intimate apparel/lingerie pieces!

If you need to see what’s out I suggest checkout Adam and Eve site ( thay have some cute lingerie pieces and novelities on sale. I also discovered this british undergarment site called Knicker Picker ( they have cute pieces on there. I must let you know that the prices are in pounds. Good news is, the pound value is going down so it shouldn’t be too expensive! =)

Stay Tuned!!!! Plenty plenty to come!!!
xD C’est Bon!!!

Au revoir!!!!


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