Are you in need of a Trashy Costume?

Extra! Extra!

One of my Top FAV lingerie sites ( ) is having a MEGA awesome SALE right now until the 17th of this month!!! Right now they have some new arrivals in their costume department that’s strictly Bananas!!! Of course they have the basics: Cops, Primitive animals, Maids & etc… Put those ideas to the side and check out these not so typical costumes!

Mind you! These costumes are on Pre-Sale right now!!! Trust it’s well worth the investment!!!

*General Perversion

{This costume HARD!!! Just look close at the bottom you will see a zipper on the booty! I love it! Case closed!}

*Navy Paris Sailor
(This also comes in White w/Black accents & trimmings)

*White Cigarette Girl
(This also comes in Pink w/same colour accents & trimmings)

*Rogue Pirate Pants Set
(This also comes in a Short & Dress set)


*Kiss-2007 Boots
{These 6″ platform boots are FIERCE! Great pairing w/the Rogue Pirate costume}


*Black Swan

*Vampire Deluxe
{This costume is HOT!!!}

There are plenty plenty more where these came from! Go checkout the site!!!
This SALE ends on the 17th of May!!!

Au Revoir!!!


One thought on “Are you in need of a Trashy Costume?

  1. So, thanks for this. It looks like I have to start saving $250+ for that Peacock Costume. It is AMAZING! Looks like I will make another, less expensive purchase while visiting the site. Thanks! LOVE

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