Does talking about your underwear make you nervous?

In viewing the stats of my questionnaire, I come to realized that people will look but won’t comment or participate.

Why is that?
Is the openess of the questionnaire makes you uncomfortable? or
Does talking about your underwear make you uncomfortable?

Please let me know!
We are in the information age and yet when someone is asking for information, none is given…

What’s the problem if there is any???

I am conducting a survey for demographic and my business plan. I am adament about creating the ideal and ultimate underwear that’s comfy, stylish and healthy. <– Yes! Healthy undies! I know it sounds crazy, bonkers BUT knowing the stream of different types of materials and how fabrics are made really opened my eyes! What we wear can effect our health!

So, please help me understand what it is that like/love about your undies. If you're NOT an undie person then let me know what you like as a loungewear or what do you like to wear under your clothes, if anything it all.

I, in all honesty, REALLY appreicate your cooperation!

=) Salut!


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