Spring Preps! Revealing Undies

This is a Gorgeous Day! Everyone is out enjoying the weather, I absolutely LOVE days like this! It’s inpsiring! It’s relaxing! It’s everything positive! Whether you’re by yourself or with a love one(s), whatever you’re doing is ful-filling due to the excellent weather! This is definitely a ‘Imma take my time’ or ‘Lets get Out!’ kinda day.
For those who chooses to go out, I always wondered if they thought about colour coordinating their undies with their outfits.
I know that statement may sound a little off to some of you but let’s think back; At some point in time we all have seen someone’s undies unexcpectingly and often times took an offense the sight. Whether that person was bending over to tie their shoe or to get something from the trunk. We all have witnessed the crime of Indecent Exposure.

Case #2:
Revealing undies…
>>>i.e. You are relaxing outside a restaurant with your cooling beverage in hand. As you tilt your head to take a sip, you look up at the couple riding by slowly on a fresh, black with an orange seat & silver chrome, motorcycle. Both are wearing matching black/orange helmets and leather jackets. As the couple cruise on by the girl’s yellow and pink polka dot thongs are showing above her black jeans. In mid glup, you wince at the unexcepted sight and almost choked your drink. <:-0 WHHHHYYYYYYY????? <<< What’s wrong with wearing just plain black panties?!

Another beauty I find in panties is the extenisve and creative rainbow of colours you can get them in. The W-I-D-E spectrum of colours in panties compliment the attire, as well as the body. Probably many of you reading this is like, "Bump that! I wear what I want!" and I totally agree. Wear what you want! In addition to you doin you, let's be mindful. A panty etiquette, if you will. {LOL} Seriously, the wrong in the scenairo is the female's failure to pick the right colour of panties to go with the outfit. Now, I could understand if she had a yellow & pink top and wanted her panties to match her top. That’s where it would be good to wear a low-rise panty instead of a high waisted one. Doing this helps the “peeping panty” from happenig.

If your wearing low-rise jeans please wear low-rise underwear! You don't have to match the entire outfit, just wear the appropriate underwear with it OR wear an undergarment that colour coordinating or neutral to the attire. It's easy on the eyes and beneficial to one's health.

I'm just sayin… We wear what we want to express how we feel or who we are. Let’s utilize the resources that promotes your individuality!



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