Spring Preps! Are you checkin your butt?

Yes, Yes! Its Spring!!! My arms are out-stretched embracing the heat of the sun and the kalidoscope of colours that surrounds me.And my allergies aren’t acting up! I’m loving this, I enjoy watching people out & about looking good and feeling great, puts a smile in heart. Yet, there are a few things that has me look at people and wonder… What The F*cK? Even, with the ample amount of skin showing, glistening, & looking delicious. There is ALWAYS an individual(s) that will leave you with WTF moment.
Now, I am a very open-minded person who’s curious about everything. I admire people’s confidence to wear what they want {especially if they pull it off well} and do what they feel. There are many who wear what everybody else is wearing or doing what someone else is doing.
I am NOT talking about the creative individuals.
I talking about simple things that anyone can do or have done.

Case #1
Women who wear tight pants and the wrong type of panties.
>>> i.e. A female is walking towards you and she looks great. Her hair, face, shirt, leggings, shoes all look HOT. As she walks by, your head follows. Everything’s looking good until you look at the butt, and BAM!:-O AAAHHHHH NOOOOOO! You see the pantyline! We all have witnessed this crime. Visible pantylines kills the outfit! <<<

One of the beauties I find in panties are the variety. There are at least 5 different types of panties (Bikini, Thong, French cuts/Braizlian cuts, Boyshorts and G-Strings) that were made for the various types of garments women were. G-Strings and Thongs works very well with tight pants and leggings. NOT bikinis, boyshorts, anything with seams does NOT look good with tight pants.
*** if you want more info on this check out The Quality & Importance of Panties: The history of panties in the Basic Information on Underwear catagory***
Now! There are seamless panties out on the market, however I strongly suggest checking your butt before walking out the door.(squat in front of a mirror or ask someone to look for you) It looks WRONG & you will be talked about!

I’m just sayin… Lets get right. Let what we wear reflect how we feel and show how regal we are!



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