Wearing your Undies on the Outside is in!

OMG!!! I have recently found out how to upload pictures { I know, I’m slow } However! This opens up the floor for me to share with you whats walking down the catwalk this season! Just looking at these gets me excited!!! This is what sends my passion ablaze! There are many ways to wear undergarments thats tasteful, sophisticated and empowering! These pictures inspired me to continue my mission in regards to my Intimate Apparel company!

–> The model pictures are the designer’s pieces and the garments pictures on the side are rendition pieces that can be found at department stores. Check out handbag.com for the exact stores and prices…

*Christian Dior
{ Im diggin the black and lace! }

*Christopher Kane
{ The model looks real cute in this. I like the light colours in this collection }

*Dolce & Gabbana
{ I love the bodice dress and the earrings are HARD! Its a classic looks/ pieces! Black, denim, and silver are iconic }

{ I LOVE the sandels! }

*Jean-Paul Gaultier
{ Im diggin the studded chucks! Plus the bra & panty set is Cute! }

{ I love the sophisticated look of this! }

*Marc Jacobs
{ Im soo diggin the models threads!!! even the bag!!! and I dont do bags! }

*Richard Knoll
{ I like the halter top bra. This look reminds me of the 80s }

All pictures was provided by handbag.com

May these pictures inspire you to wear whatever makes you feel comfy! Especially, if they are your undies!!! =D

Salut tout le mode!!!


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