Fashion Show Orient Style

‘Tis the season for spring/summer inspired designs to hit the pavement! There are all types of floral prints, colours & themes floating around; frankly I’m about congested with it all already! This seaons looks for outwear garments are bright, airy, & in some cases prairie.
Now, outerwear isn’t my thing but I had recently attended a fashion show at MJQ Concourse here in Atlanta and was blown away! The ideas the emerged from the creative mastermind of Michael Payne, had my jaw drop on the nasty, sweaty club floor!!! I had only heard of the wild n crazy party stories he had thrown the past but hadnt had the pleasure to actually experience them until that Saturday night!

ELECTROPORT to the ORIENT was the title of the show… the dresscode was Steampunk & Oriental wear

The design of the flyer was a little sampler of what that night held. There was a Chinese dragon, lions, lingerie, sake, & even witches! All the things that would stimulate your senses and amaze you! I was truely in awe at the preformance. The show had a 1930s film appeal that tied in perfectly to the whole sha-bang! The models wear pieces that was part outerwear & lingerie! It wasnt JUST a fashion show; it was theatical performance!
Im trying to locate the photographer who took the most pictures of the show. For a taste of the show I suggest going to they were definitiely in the building that night!

The ingenius idea M. Payne birthed had me leave the club feeling inspired, estatic & tipsy off of sake! Something like this is long long overdue! Hopefully this concept to wakes up the mundane droids of the fashion/art/music scene that’s here in Atlanta… No offense but there’s a strong need for something new and innovative!



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