The B.O. Report: Remedies

With the insightful understanding of what Body Odor is, we are now able to figure out how to control B.O. Given everyone’s body is different, inside and out, I have found a heap load of information on remedies for B.O. I have list for the convenient conventionalists and for the open-minded naturalists.

First: Cleanliness: In order to control or maintain any odor, one must be clean. I mean thoroughly wash the “scented” area(s). Be it, clothes or body parts. Remember the pungent smell of b.o. comes from the mixture of sweat and bacteria. The type of sweat (apocrine) that bacteria feeds on has an oil substance that sticks to your body and clothes. Example Lets say you took a shower on Monday, was too tired to bathe on Tuesday, you were rushing on Wednesday and taking a shower was an after thought… Now you have a smell that went from a barely noticable scent to a “Dag! I need a shower” funk. Even if you shave your underarms and pubes you will smell, the new sweat will be laying on top of the old sweat. In addition to that, the friction between the skin and clothing can create an ideal sweaty restaurant for bacteria to dine at. “People with strong underarm odors carry two to three times as many underarm bacteria as other people. The best way to prevent body odor is to wash away sweat and bacteria.” ( Keeping those areas clean lessens the chance of a cesspool of sweat and bacteria. Wash your armpits and groin regions with water and soap.(Deodorant -scented- soaps are good!) Do this at least ONCE a day with a washcloth, loofah or something other than your hands. “[Scrubbing] the armpits with a soapy washcloth…work better to remove the bacteria than just soap in your hands” (
Same thing applies to your clothes. Once bacteria settles in it can damage the fibers; Not to mention still have that unpleasant smell from the last time you wore it. With that said, wearing clean clothes, socks, & underwear helps control b.o. For those who sweat excessively, wear clothes that’s made of natural fiber materials like: *Cotton *Linen *Hemp *Bamboo These help promote moisture absorption & wick, as well as body temperature control.

The Smell Goods: Deodorants are perfumes for the armpits. They contain ingredients that can kill bacteria which in turn eliminate that foul aroma under your arms. Often times you can find deodorants paired with anti-perspirants to prevent sweat & body odor. This is a quick and conventional way to stop b.o. There are some people who find the cosmetic deodorants unhealthy, “The use of deodorants worsens the condition as it contains various toxic chemicals and products of heavy metals like aluminium.” ( {I will brake down the differences of aluminium in my next post}
What’s good with, Anti-Perspirants?
They are designed to reduce perspiration, or stop the release of the eccrine sweat gland, to keep you drier and the bacteria at bay. How does it do it? This product has an active agent that can lower the production of thre eccrine gland. “Antiperspirants are classified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as over-the-counter drugs because they are intended to alter a natural body function.” ( Even though, it’s the apocrine sweat glands that has that oil substance bacteria feeds off of. Studies show that the apocrine glands cannot be stopped; however there an antibacterial agent in anti-perspirants that stops the odor.

B.O. vs The Natural Approach
Sometimes picking up any kind of deodorant/anti-perspirant may not always be beneficial. Thre can be uncomfortable side-effects like skin irritation, due to the ingredients in certain deodorant/anti-perspirant products. If this has happened to you, try washing with an antibacterial soap and apply antibiotic ointment on the irritated area.
If you have perfume sensitive skin and finding a subsititute for deodorant and antperspirant is tricky and over-whelming. There is a long scroll of natural ways to deodorize the underarms and finding a remedy that works for you can a mission. Here is a few alternatives to deodorant:
*Alcochol/Witch hazel: wipe armpits with this
*Alum: it’s a mineral salt potassium crystal rock also *Bauxite crystal will help will odor
*Apple Cider Vinegar: reduces pH level which will stop the odor (Bacteria don’t do low pH underarms) also *White Vinegar is good. –> pH is “a measure of the acidity or basicity of a solution.” ( in regards to the human body balancing the amount of acidic & alkaline in the body is part of maintain a healthy body. {I will talk about this more in another post}
*Baby Powder: or Talc is good everywhere ther’s lots of sweat (underarms, feet, chest even the butt!) Oh! If you want a little scent to it, add a little bit of lemon juice!

B.O. vs Lifestyle
As I stated in the first post on body odor, the way we interact-eat-bathe-drink all contribute to b.o. Being mindful of what you eat & drink –> meat dominate dishes, alcohol, onions, hot peppers, caffeine, tobacco, & garlic can all be cause to b.o. Even medications can make you sweat, which can cause b.o. Mind you, sweating is natural. Just the aroma that can arise from sweat and bacteria mixing together is what may need to be controlled. Menopausal women tend to sweat excessively, and many of them carry baby wipes to control the sweat and odor. So, don’t fret you will sweat but if you do three basic steps to maintain the smell you should be alright this coming hot seasons! 1. Keep fresh and clean >if only you wash the important areas -face, armpits & groin- with soap & water. 2. Wear clean clothes, socks & undies! >jeans maybe an exception, I think. 3. Deodorize >whether it’s a store bought product or a natural remedy.

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Au Revoir tout le monde!


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