The B.O. Report

Ahh! Spring is just around the corner and the preperations are underway! The sun is out longer, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and soon the air will be filled with the aroma of fragrant scented toilet water to mask the inevitable body odor. What is Body Odor a.k.a B.O.? Where does it come from? Why does it smell? Can one rid themselves of B.O.?

First things First!

What is Body Odor?
Nickname: “B.O.” Full name: Bromhidrosis aka Osmidrosis
Body odor is the mixture of sweat and the bacteria that’s on the skin. When these two mix and mingle a smell erupts that makes the nose hairs tingle. According to Bromidrosis -Osmidrosis- is “the secretion of foul-smelling sweat”.

What causes B.O.?
Firstly, we must understand that sweat itself doesn’t smell, though it can be a pain, sometimes embarrassing, its practically odorless. However, the body gives off distinctive scents for a number of reasons. The toxins inside your body can be the reason for an odor be it good or bad. What I mean by toxins, I mean the accumulation of everyday habits we do or are surrounded by -example, cleaning products, processed foods & meats, personal & public transportation, even the polluted air we breathe are factors to why we have toxins in our bodies.
Our body naturally removes waste by perspiration, urination, and defecation. When we regularly remove the toxins from our bodies we have the less chance of giving off bad body odor; however if we don’t -example constipation, then our chances of smelling unpleasantly is great. Even certain foods & drinks can contribute to body odor: *Onions *Garlic *Curry *Coffee *Alcohol
Some researchers find these to be prime causes as well as Fried & Baked foods “may contain rancid fats and oils that lead to body odor” ( I have read many articles and documents that claims our diet are reasons to our bodily smells; For instance, there is a difference in scents between people who eat large amounts of meat & vegetarians. {I know this for a fact. I was once solely a vegetarian who had a boyfriend who ate meat. Trust me, his sweat had a stench to it whereas mine did not. Even now that I eat chicken & turkey, I can smell the difference from when I didn’t eat meat before} Or lets say, a person who loves eggs, fish or beans (legumes) but their body has a hard time breaking down the choline (A natural amine, often classed in the vitamin B complex. []) they might have a “fishy” smell to them. There are so many variables to what causes body odor.

The B.O. Break Down
The consistent and present facts to body odor is Perspiration & Bacteria. We know that perspiration is the body’s natural cooling mechanism and in junction with the bacteria that’s on the skin, an odor arises. Just like there are many kinds of bacteria, there are more than one type of sweat glands.
The two sweat glands are broken down to 1. Eccrine glands and 2. Apocrine glands both are basically comprised of water. *Eccrine glands are located all over the body, they are the type of sweat that cools the body. *Apocrine glands are located in the armpits, around the nipples & the groin region, they are the type of sweat that gives off the pungent aroma. Why? Apocrine glands “contains a substantial amount of oil, which provides food for bacteria”. ( This is also the reason for the discolouration in our clothes -i.e the yellow stain in the underarm area on our white marina “wife-beater”, the oil from the apocrine sweat stains. There is also word that this is the infamous pheromone gland that’s supposed to attract one to another, How true is this? I’m still searching for that answer. I always thought of pheromones being a pleasant scent not a rancid stench.

Can You Sweat Too Much?
Sweating happens, when we exercise, we are bond to sweat especially if we are doing a strenuous workout – i.e. Boot Camp or that Cycling class at LA Fitness! Depending where you are, the hot weather will make you sweat as if you are in a sauna. If you are nervous, anxious, or stressed out sweating can happen. “Perspiration that’s triggered by emotion is most likely to occur on your face, armpits, palms and on the soles of your feet. But how much you sweat and even the way your sweat smells can be influenced by your mood, your diet, some drugs & medical conditions, and even your hormone levels.” ( Once more, sweating excessively can be an inherited. People who sweat a lot may have Hyperhidrosis and those who have little to no sweat may have Anhidrosis. Either way, both should be of concern and one should seek medical attention to see what’s the root of the situation. Unfortunately we can’t “get rid” of body odor because it’s a natural and purposeful function we all go through, at some point in time in our lives. However! We can control it and learn how to maintain a fresh, pleasant scent!
{Remedies and tips to maintain body odor is the next post!}

Hope this piece enlightened and encouraged you to pay attention to the scent your body is giving off. Spring is near and we all want to attract the right attention with the right aroma.

A Bientot!

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2 thoughts on “The B.O. Report

  1. well i havnt had any experience of b.o nor ever been around anyone who does. My personal believe is a shower and perfume or calone should do fine…

    • You are right, that works for some people. B.O. is definitely an issue that varies upon each individual. Especially if that person has an active lifestyle. You have been forunate to have not experienced the scent of foul body odor.
      I appreciate you for reading the post and sharing your thoughts. Stay tuned for part 2! * The B.O. Report: Remedies *

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