Body Shaving: The Trimming Trend (How to Shave Pubic Hair)

Body grooming is a practice that has been around for centuries in various countries – Northern Africa, Middle East, India, Japan, China & Rome – yet the “How-To” of this ancient art still stumps us today. {I learned how to shave from my mom and her method was too much for my sensitive skin. I had irritations, razor bumps, blemishes & no patience. In addition; I was a tom-boy, and I could’ve cared less and the guys I was seeing didn’t care if I shaved or not. A few years later, two men showed me how to shave and to my surprise I had better results.}
I mentioned all this to say; Shaving body hair can be a tricky task to accomplish, especially the genital regions. There are oodles of questions to whether if its a hygienic thing to do or what to do, for that matter. There are products & tools out the wahzoo to assist with the process but not everybody can do the same thing or use the same products because everyone body is constructed different.
~Knowing this, I am posting a simple Guide to Shaving your Pubic Hair.~

*Pubic Hair’s Purpose*
Once we hit puberty, our bodies let us know we are gettin older by producing little strands of hair in certain areas (underarms- genitals- butt) for particular reasons: 1. Pheremones “sexual attraction scents” are in the hairs to attract the opposite sex. 2. Reduce Friction; when engaged in sexual activities the pubic hair helps lessen the irritable sensation & friction when two pelvis’ are rubbin against another. (Dont want fire underneath the sheets!)
The benefits of having hair “down there” varies on the individual’s preference and what they deem as beautiful, some just want to keep things ‘au naturale’ by not cutting the hair, OR it could be a religious reason to keep the hair there. Whatever the reason maybe at the end of the day, you make the final desicion. Contrary to the benefits of keeping it; Shaving it has it’s perks as well. One may feel “fresher” without it, its more convenient. No more stray hair getting caught in places (pantyliner or zipper) or in things (tounge rings or braces). No wondering strings lurking from the sides of bathing suits or other garments. Plus bacteria and oder-causing organisms aren’t hanging around in your bush.

*Cuttin Pubes: Personal Choice*
Body grooming is ToTaLLY a personal choice! (especially shaving pubic hair) You will have to dedicate some me-time to have proper pleasurable results. Also, you will become more aquainted with your body once you get started and continue it. This can be a good thing on multiple levels.
If you want to shave it, here are some things you may need & suggestions to have a safe & clean experience, whether you shave your underarms or pubes…

> Razor -go for quality w/ disposable heads (cheap razors are known culprits of Razors Burns/ Irritation/ Soreness/ Nicks)- OR an Electric razor
> Shaving gel, lotion, foam, cream that’s hypoallergenic {Hair Conditioner works well too. I like to use raw unscented/ unrefined Shea Butter}
>*Scissors -the tiny little kind that has either curved blades or dull ends to cut down the hair (this saves blades & can prevent cutting yourself)
> Dry skin lotion, Vitamin E or Baby oil -unscented & hypoallergenic-
>*Electric beard & Moustache trimmer
> Washcloth or Loofah
> Warm water “body shaving is best done in the shower or bath” (
These TOOLS will help you get a nice close shave. You don’t have to have all these things, however the important neccessities are: Razor/ Shaving cream/ Moisturizer/ Water… Everything else is extra goods. Having aftercare stuff is just as important as what we do before we shave & the products we use to shave with. I will elaborate more on this later.
>>> Tools that has an asterisk (*) means that they are optional tools.

Not everyone wants to “shave”, and for various reasons. Be it, personal choice or religious, it’s all about body grooming and self appreication. If shaving isn’t your cup of tea, here are a list of alternatives:
+ Bleaching + It lightens the hair to blend in with skin-tone. This can last up to 2-3 weeks & PLEASE use bleach that’s meant for the body NOT the house.
+ Waxing + It’s a warm gooey substance thats placed on the desired area then covered with strips of cloth that will remove the hair by peeling it off (think taking off a band-aid). It’s quick painful process with smooth results. There is take home products. This can last up to 6 weeks, depending on the person.
+ Depilatory Creams and Lotions + It’s a smelly cream that goes on the desired area that you let sit for at least 3 min then wash it off. It has smooth results that doesn’t stimulate the hair follicles. Sometimes you may have to leave it in for a longer time than wanted. It can last up to a week.
+ Electrolysis + Its an electro-shock to the hair follicile -one at a time- for it to fall out. It will take about 6 treatments, or so, for permanent results. – PLEASE consult a professional about this; however there are home systems.
+ Epilators + This is a machine that yanks out the hair -EVERYTHANG! Lasts up to 6 weeks.
+ Lasers + It’s a fast, often times painless treatment using eletrolysis. Can be a permenant thing after several sessions. Avoid the sun when healing!

*How to Shave Pubic Hair*

BEFORE you shave
The Prep Work: + Check the blades make sure they are sharp, replace whats needs to be [dull blades pull hair, this increase the chance of ingrown hairs & a sorry shaving job] OR with electric razors, check your manual
+ If your hair is long (meaning if you can pull up/out any hairs OR if it’s your 1st time) CLIP ‘EM! (this can save time, blades & prevent ingrown hairs)
+ Soak the area (@ least for 3 minutes) This is really good for course pubes & armpit! “Warm water softens the hair, opens the hair follicle & relaxes the skin. Wet hair reduces wear on the blade and stands up easier.” (
+ When applying the shaving gel let it set for a while (@ least 4 minutes) OR Hair conditioner. This softens & moisturizes the hair, keeps the hair standing, reduces friction & conditions the skin. Using products thats meant for body shaving reduces the chance to get razor burns; i.e raw skin, irriation or bumps.
WHILE you shave
Doing the Do: + Pull the skin tight & straight with one hand and shave with the other. Shave with a light-hand! If you have to apply pressure than the razor is dull.
+ [Razors] Its been advised to shave in the direction the hair grows to lesson ingrown hairs and things; However some people prefer shaving the opposite direction for a “closer” shave. {I would suggest to try both at different times to see what works for you.} Definitely, if you shave against the hair SOAK before you shave. [Electric Razors] To shave with these is kinda tricky, but the general way to shave is to shave the area back & forth (read the instructions! AND try different ways to see what works best for you)
+ |Shaving: Underarms| Short strokes going side to side in the direction of the hair growth is good. |Shaving: Pubic hair| Slow strokes in the 1. Same direction of the hair OR 2. Upward towards you. {Again, I suggest try both to see what works better}
+ Rinse blade after EACH STROKE. This will prevent the hairs getting in the way.
+ Shave places that has shaving gel, or whatever you choose
+ Avoid shaving the same place repeatively (esp. bikini line)- this can cause irritation. *If you got a stubburn hair that doesn’t want to leave, pluck that sucker! or trim it!
+ Shaving Multiple Areas: apply the shaving gel to all the areas and start from the finest hair (legs or belly) this lets the gel soften the coarse hair in the remaining areas.
+ Having a good angle when shaving is also good. [Razors] 30 degrees between skin & razor. [Electric Razor] 45 degree angle is good but check the instructions!
AFTER you shave
When it’s over: After shaving the area, it needs moisture -this is a source to why we itch after shaving or when the hair grows back! What to do: + Moisturize the newly shaven area with dry skin lotion, vitamin E or baby oil {I prefer raw shea butter} daily! This will “reduce irritation, itching, and soften the skin and hair follicles. It will reduce the discomfort caused by ‘ stubble’ in between shaves” (
+ The areas can itch like Hell! (esp. if its your 1st time – dont be afraid of this) No matter if its the pubes or underarms, there are ways to prevent that! Here’s a list of a few:
> Cool the itchy area with cold water & a wash cloth. Put this over the area, pat it on the area OR rub an Ice cube on it!
> Moisturize the area with Vitamin E or baby oil
> Use an over-the-counter anti-itch cream, like Cortizone (this can help with razor burns &/or red bumps)
> Use baby powder
> Exfoliate the area using a loofah, an exfoliating hand mitt or scrubs
> Use fresh cut aloe vera gel from the plant or a pure, unscented aloe vera gel product
+ Avoid ingrown hairs by scrubbing your skin with an exfoliator, like a loofah or mesh sponge in the shower. ***What Are Ingrown Hairs?*** They are when the growing hair curls back into the pore of the skin, instead of gorwing outward like its suppose to. This is can be caused by clogged pores. Sometimes painful red bumps appear and possible infections can be a result of ingrown hairs. You can take out the hair with a needle or tweezers or use a exfoliating chemical (Salicylic acid) to get that little bugger out!
+ Let skin breathe after the shave. Meaning, dont use any deodorants, anti-perspirants or perfumes. > if it stings or hurts, dont use it! <
+ Shave as often as you want just remember that the longer you wait, you will probably need to cut your hair down to save your blades! Everybody's tolerance for new growth varies so do whats comfy to you!

*Shaving differences between Men & Women*
Although body grooming is unisex; I have found out that there are methods for men & women to use to get the best shave. There are only slight differences between the sexes and their recommended suggestions.
+ Choose shaving cream wisely – Our “love nest” is very delicate and certain scents and textures of shaving products may not agree with our skin’s sensitivity. So, go for products that are hypoallergenic. NO SOAP!
+ Choose Quality over Quantity – Cheap disposables doesn’t always “do the job”, nicks and cuts are prone to follow. {Trust this!} Go for the razors that contours the body, i.e. pivoting head. Also, make sure it has multiple blades for that smooth close shave.
+ Trimming Saves – Trimming the hair before the shave is a time & razor blade saver. ( How to trim? place a small, fine tooth comb flat on the skin and cut the hair thats over the comb with scissors OR use clippers with the shortest guard )
+ Bathe before Shave – While in the shower or bath, let the water soak the areas for at least 10 min to relax the hair follicles.
+ Exfoliate – Keeping the pores clear of blockage, clearing the skin of dead cells with a mild exfoliator helps prevent body bumps and can provide a closer shave.
+ *Before shave Protect skin – Having an oil (look into shaving oil) as a barrier between your skin and the razor will allow the razor to glide on the skin easier. This prevents razor burn, general irriatation, and ingrown hairs.{This is a reason why I use shea butter. It melts to body heat and creates a barrier. This can also act as the shaving “gel”} Then, apply the gel on the damp hair (NOT WET hair) Tip! if you have a little brush, work in the gel in circles to lift up hair & get a closer shave!
+ Shaving – Use a clean, fresh blade. Slow strokes in same direction as the hair growth and/or go opposite direction of hair while pulling the skin tight to get a thorough shave. Rinse after every stroke (esp. when your using shea butter, baby oil or petroleum jelly/Vaseline) clogged razors don’t work too well and can lead to shaving the same spot repeatively which will irritate the skin. {petroleum jelly clogs pores but some people like use it because it has a close shave & leaves skin smooth}
+ Cleaning up – Rinse pubic area with water (cool water will tighten skin and close pores) then pat dry with a towel. Moisturize with an unscented lotion. Do this everyday! If not, twice a day.
Tip! ++ 1. Avoid shaving during your period. This area is extremely sensitive during this time. ++ 2. When shaving from the rooter to the tooter, add a small mirror to your TOOL list. ++ 3. Shaving is done easier in the shower. You can prop legs up for easy reaching.

No worries sweeties! Men shaving their pubes is normal and it’s NOT a metrosexual or a homosexual thing. As I said earlier, body grooming was practiced for centuries all over the world. Believe it or not, but males were the main species shaving all over their body! – Face, Chest, Underarms, Pubic hair, Scrotums, Butt even Legs!
Plus, there had been surveys taken that has proved now-and-days women like their men to have their genitals groomed. Shoo, the term for man in this arena is, “Manscaping”.
Manscaping has great perks for both men and women, Aesthetically & hygienically. Aesthetics: It looks more appealing to the eye and its more inviting for other great pleasures. It can increase confidence due to the “extra” optical inch length in the penis. Hygiene: Shaving your pubes benefits the penis and scrotums. It eliminates the chance of sweat, oder-causing bacteria, pubic lice a.k.a “crabs”, & STDs being trapped in the hair follicles. Just shaving the testicles alone keeps the oder at bay for a longer time.
Shaving the pubes is done the same way as women. Only shaving the scrotums requires a different route. TOOLS + Razor (NO electric razors!), Shaving gel & Patience. You shave the balls in the direction of the hair growth. GO SLOW. Or if you don’t want to shave them, you can trim them. TOOLS Small scissors with a dull end or curved blades.
There are loads of hair removal products specifically for men in the market to suit the desired look for todays man. Choose wisely and have fun.
>>>> When choosing a time to shave can be anytime, EXCEPT when you get of the bed. Wait at least 20min-30min. Why? “Body fluids make the skin more puffy.” ( <<<<

*In the End*

Rug decorating/ Vacuuming the carpet/ Mowing your lawn/ Edging the driveway and the list goes on! Whatever you want to call body grooming, at the end of the day it's what you want to do to enhance your beauty.

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I gathered the information from:

Merci Beaucoup


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