Mens Underwear!!! Going Fashionable…

I just read an article that was posted last year on the transitioning style of men’s underwear. Its going fashionable!
Its been noted that men are becoming more aware of the underwear they are purchasing and wearing. In light of this, companies are supplying the demand for more fashionable “drawers”. Such as, low-rise, bright colours, studded embellishments, even thongs!
It’s not just the women who care about their underwear anymore; and frankly, I am Thrilled =D!!! An additional attraction on a man, to me, is the underwear he has on. I’m not particularly fancy on briefs or thongs BUT if that’s what men want I will tend to their desire/preference! Style, comfort, feel of the fabric, whatever!
Our men aren’t just buying for the feel of the fabric anymore, they care about how it looks and how it makes them feel! FYI, the ideal material of choice, for men, is cotton and their least is polyester! Comfort and breathability is definitely a primary factor that appeals to their liking. Everything else is secondary, and rightfully so!
I encourage all men (and women) to pay more attention to what material feels good. Let me know so that I can provide it for you! We all should feel regal and confident inside and out!
******* If you are interested in reading the article I read go to, click on menswear and look for the article titled: The Bottomline *******
Let me know your thoughts!


4 thoughts on “Mens Underwear!!! Going Fashionable…

  1. What’s good G? I’d like to comment on the post and keep it 100. I’m a real guy and yes I have thought about the underwear I wear recently. I can definately say that the last time i was in walmart i didnt just grab and go as usual. I actually grabbed a more expensive pack in search for more colors or what have you. I’m not feelin the thong part..totally lost me there, but I was lookin for something like satin or silk but not on some soft s$%&. Know what i mean? I want something that would feel good on my skin as well as an admiring lady and look good too. The options did seem mad limited and dull. I went for colors and all they had was bright blues, reds, and greens with some darks mixed in. I ended up with bitter sweet satisfaction. Satisfied that I had new drawz, disatisfied that I take a chance of springing an ackward moment with some bright green boxer briefs. I think that I got what it takes to strip down to some polka dot numbers and still deliver, know what i mean? But why can’t there be more dark burgundy or dark blue silks out there for us guys? I think this intimate line is right on point, but as long as there’s real input from the male perspective. In short, no thongs.

    • Thanks Marqus,
      I glad you shared your opinoin with me! Im also glad that you ae taking the extra time to care about what you are purchasing when it comes to your underwear.
      I would suggest upgrade your chose of stores (Wal-mart is good but is limited in that arena) in your search for underwear. Macy’s has a good men underwear selection, you just might find the type that fits your curosity and need.
      Please checkout my questionnaie and fill it out! I can use that info to design what you like and incorporate it in my business plan!
      Thanks again! =)

  2. aye still waitin on my dark burgundy drawz g, feelin kinda drafty in here lol
    just check out the blog seeing whats new
    keep it hot for us gtonge

    • Hi Marqus,
      My apologies for not posting any new info, yet! I will get on the ball! I know its cold & all need some warm drawaz! =)
      I wanted to tell you that silk isn’t the ideal choice for boxers as something to regularly wear. The reason is, Silk (real) has fibers that will absorb oils and moisture and will ruin the material. So, unless you are going to not sweat or shave your public hair (they produce oils) I suggest you keep your silk drawaz for those temporary wear special moments! =)

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